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Be Proactive in Your Healing

Healing is a proactive process.

It requires something of you.  It requires quite a bit from you, actually. 

It requires you to be willing to change your mind and your mindset.

It requires you to be willing to change how you’ve been thinking. How you’ve been feeling.

It requires you to be more forgiving of yourself and forgiving of your person.

It requires you to be forgiving of life, the Universe, of God, and the people around you and anything that may have contributed or hurt you more during your loss.

It requires you to be compassionate of your own humanity.  

To be compassionate and kind to yourself.

It requires you to be compassionate and kind with the people around you.

It requires you to show up and do the work. To feel all your feelings and to be committed to your healing. 

There are so many different things that Healing requires of you. 

So, I ask you: how can you be an active member in your healing?

How can you participate and move your healing forward in some way?

It might be something simple, it might be something very small.  It might be just recognizing that you need to be in that conversation or that you haven’t been proactive in your healing. 

I often think about what happens when we break our arm.  We’re not just going to leave it. If you broke your arm, you’d probably go to the emergency room, get X-rays, and get a cast.  You and your arm would need that cocoon, that safe space for your arm to heal.  You’d probably need some medication to relieve the pain occasionally. You’d likely need a lot of support from the people around you in order to take care of yourself. 

It’s the same for your heart. The same for your soul.  You need all those different resources, all those different forms of support, and the cocoon so that your heart can heal.

Being proactive in your healing gives you more purpose, more intention and often, more trust that you will be able to move through this season of grief. Over time, you’ll start to feel better, more centered, more mindful and more purposeful in all that you do.

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