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Being with your grief

Being with your grief

Being with your emotions

So often, we define ourselves by our emotions:

I’m angry 

I’m sad 

I’m heartbroken 

I’m broken 

We feel these things and we think that we are these things.

What I want you to understand is that you are this beautiful, amazing, wonderful creation beyond how you feel.  

You are 



You are Sage



You are inspiration

You are not just how you feel 

I know in regular life that feels hard and you might be so used to thinking that you are just your thoughts and emotions. 

So, I want to invite you to practice this idea:

You have your emotions, but who you are is beyond your emotions 

You are 

beyond your knowledge 

beyond your thoughts 

beyond your behavior 

You are this incredible being that has all these things and does all these things 

I hope this will help you navigate your grief differently 

We’re so often in our emotions that it feels hard to breathe, to move. It feels hard to live. Just getting up out of bed is a struggle.  

So, I hope that you can start to observe how you feel as a way to not be them so deeply. 

Start to notice the way you say these things and how you think about these things so that you’ll have a little more breathing room between you and your emotions.  Give yourself a bit more space to have your emotions without being lost in them so deeply. 
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