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Embracing Your Grief

This idea might be challenging for you right now, and that’s okay.  Take what you can from it— learn what you can, and leave the rest behind. 

I want to challenge you to embrace your grief

That might sound ridiculous right now, depending on where you are in your grief journey. 

Why would you embrace this experience? 

You don’t want to have this experience. 

You don’t want to have lost your person (or people) 

You don’t want to live this life 

I get that. 

I felt that way myself and so understand why you would feel that way

What I’m asking you to do is not to embrace the loss.  Not to embrace the cause of what you’re feeling, but to embrace the grief itself 

Grief is normal 

Grief is natural 

Grief is required

Grief is required because you loved.  

Try to embrace the fact that you have to feel this way.  That you are going to feel this way.

If you’re like me, you resist anything and everything that you don’t want.  Maybe you’re doing this right now with your grief.

Maybe resisting the grief is part of what keeps you in it. Maybe resisting is actually making it that much more painful. Maybe pushing against it will keep you there longer.

So I invite you, maybe just 5% more, start to embrace it. 

Allow yourself to be in grief and see what that is like for you. 

What does it mean to embrace your grief? That’s going to be different for everyone, but to allow yourself to be in that conversation can be the start of something new for you.

For me embracing my grief meant crying my eyes out in the middle of Target. It was talking to my core support people. It meant hiring a grief coach after trying therapy, support groups and other traditional grief support.  

So, I challenge you to find out what it means to embrace your grief. 

Find out what it means to allow yourself to be in grief today and what does that open up for you?  

What do you need to embrace your grief just 5% more?
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