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How to Rebuild After Loss

This is such an individualized conversation because rebuilding is going to look different for each person out there.  There are, however, some general tenets to ask yourself when you’re ready to start rebuilding, and what that means to you. 

First, have you really given yourself the solid foundation you need to heal from your loss? I don’t mean “moving on” or “getting over,” I mean, have you done the work of healing? Have you gone through the wilderness of your grieving soul? Have you allowed yourself to be supported? Have you been proactive about your healing? If not, please start there.

If you do have that solid foundation, start to list out the areas of your life where you don’t feel fully satisfied. What areas do you need to make changes in? This could be career, relationships with yourself or others, how you spend your time or where you’re living. Make a list of the areas as well as some of the changes.

Also, ask yourself, who is your tribe? Who are the people who have your back, no matter what? Who are your people, and who are the people you spend time with, but don’t need to anymore? You can make a list here too, so you can start to see who is truly supporting you and who is not. 

Next, take time to imagine your ideal life. If you were living your most ideal, amazing, pinch-me-I’m-dreaming life, what are you doing and how are you spending your precious time? 

Ask yourself:

What are my ideals? 

What are my non-negotiables?

What are the things that will make me feel like I’m really truly living and spending my time on this earth well?

Play with the idea, allow it to simmer, and tap into your inner wisdom. No need to try to force this, and no need to limit yourself. 

Just play

Start to create a vision for what you truly want in life, and feel that vision as if it were a


Once you have this vision, make a vision board or post the list on your wall. Add it as your lock screen on your phone. Keep it visible and top of mind. Look at it everyday. 

You’ve been through so much in your life. You have been through some tremendous losses in your life, I absolutely know that. And I’m sure you’ve learned a lot from your loss and grief.  I’m committed to you living as best as you can for the rest of your life. I’m committed to helping you use your grief as a catalyst to make the changes that will have you rebuilding and redesigning your life with purpose, passion, vision and determination. 
If you’re struggling with any of these steps, schedule a free Coaching Consultation with me today.