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Is it Okay to Make Big Life Decisions While I’m Grieving?

I recently had a few people reach out to me who were grieving and thinking about making some major changes in their lives. Experts will tell you that it’s best to put off major changes until after active grief has passed, but I believe it depends on who you are and your specific situation. 

For example, one of the people who I spoke with had a very clear vision and instinctual feeling about her goals. She was clear about her intentions and expectations. She wanted to move across the country and felt ready, despite the grief she was experiencing. 

Another person I talked with was clear that she was unhappy and feeling stuck. She had been reevaluating her life and felt desperate to make changes soon. But, she also felt foggy and unclear on the outcomes she wanted to see, and what changes actually needed to be made. 

It’s easy to make big changes without intention, clear vision or specific outcomes. It’s too easy to succumb to wanting to feel better and get some “relief” from grief by making changes. 

So I invite you to ask yourself, am I making a big life decision when I feel like I can’t even think straight, or am I making changes because I know exactly what I want, and feel that I can empower my choices, and the consequences of my choices?

Those are two very different places to come from when making big life decisions and while both may have great outcomes, that’s not usually the case.  

Where are you coming from? What are you basing your decisions on?
Keep in mind, there are other ways to find some relief from grief and feel that you’re making progress in your life, without completely upending your life. If you want to explore these topics and much more, schedule your free coaching consultation here.